When you finally understand the hype around podcasts!

“Lorelai, this thing we’re doing here, me, you. I just want you to know I’m in, I am all in.” – Luke

– Gilmore Girls, 2000 to 2007, Warner Brothers

It’s taken me quite a while (years clearly), but I’ve finally found out what the appeal is with podcasts, and I am now hooked!

I guess I never really found my niche before and EVERYONE seems to have a podcast, so it was a bit overwhelming to find one, so I didn’t really give it much investment of my time. Many people have tried to recommend podcasts to me in the past. I used to smile and nod politely when people would suggest a podcast to me and pull out the old “oh yes I’ll look that one up” line (clearly, never did).

What podcast has gotten my attention and hooked me in? It is none other than ‘I Am All In’ with Scott Patterson! This was the niche I had been looking for. I LOVE Gilmore Girls; it’s my favourite show and I will watch it over and over again. It’s my feel-good show, I can always have it on, and it’s always guaranteed to give me a laugh.

I love Gilmore Girls so much that I have done the Warner Brothers backlot tour four times just so I could see the sets. Sadly, the first two times I couldn’t see much of them as they were filming other movies/shows at the time. The third time I was there was when they were filming the Netflix movies (ahhhhhh whattttttttttt) I was so close and yet so far away and not to mention there was so many security guards everywhere. So, while I missed out on the sets YET AGAIN, I did get to see Sean Gunn (aka Kirk) and Keiko Agena (aka Lane) leaving the set and walking to their trailers (they gave me a wave, eeeppppp) and Luke’s truck parked in the backlot. So, it wasn’t an epic fail but the fourth time I was lucky enough to be able to go to Lorelai’s house as they had recently set it up again for a Thanksgiving event. As you can no doubt tell this podcast is right up my alley as a ride or die fan.

Before I tell you why I love this podcast, let’s firstly point out, is there a more perfect name for this podcast? This has to be one of my absolute favourite quotes from the show!

The premise of the podcast is around Scott having never watched the episodes when they were filmed 21 years ago (unbelievable I know), now watching them for the first time and each podcast focuses on a new episode. They have started at season 1 and are working their way though. Given I’ve now finally found a podcast I’m addicted to, let’s hope that Scott wants to cover all 154 episodes and the four Netflix movies because I AM ALL IN and do not want them to stop!

Each podcast episode includes guests, a breakdown of the pop culture references included in the episode, script reads, fan questions, favourite lines from the episode (this one always gives me a chuckle), spotting of particular props (I had NEVER noticed the creepy clown pillow and I’ve seen these episodes so many times) and then my favourite part is rapid-fire. The rapid-fire questions for the guests are so cleaver and clearly chosen for true Gilmore Girls fans to appreciate. They ask the guests who’s the daddy (well that is the million dollar question since 2016), team Dean, Jess or Logan (another tough questions but I think since the revival I’ve become team Jess), can you smell snow?, what is your favourite Friday night dinner and how do you take your coffee (such a Luke question)?

What has also gotten me hooked, is that Scott (aka Luke one of the best GG characters ever) is recording the podcast WITH other guests (often characters from the show) joining him to talk about the episode, memories they have from filming that episode and behind the scenes stories (such as how Luke came to wear his signature blue hat). They also share acting techniques and production explanations (I certainly didn’t know what tape markers were) and how they do different scenes such as driving, giving us fans such a deeper looking into how all aspects of how the show come together. One of the funniest parts also has to be when Scott and his guests/fans/podcast producers do re-enactments of the scripts. Not to mention I love Scott’s rants about the episodes and how certain characters are behaving (aka when he’s super jealous of Max Medina in true Luke fashion).

I have also enjoyed getting to know more about Scott as we all no doubt have a tendency to pigeon hole actors as a role they play and he’s not like Luke at all. It’s been really interesting in hearing about his coffee brand and the music he produces (which also is the intro for the podcast).

Even though I have recently finished watching all seven seasons again (and the Netflix movies), listening to the podcast is giving me the warm and fuzzies and reminding me how much I love this show. I think I will start again this weekend and try catch up quickly to episode 13 so that I can listen along with the podcast at the same time. I might even branch out and try find some other podcasts now that I am hooked!

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